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Madrid · España · 1966

Arturo Berned (Madrid, 1966) is a Spanish architect and sculptor whose work is based upon the rein­terpretation of both shapes and space, through a geometric language.

Mathematics, the Euclidean space, and the golden ratio are geometric tools used by him as means to understand the world around us; the physical world and the world of the senses.

Corten steel, the material with which he produces most of his sculptures, allows him to create a very per­sonal formal universe.

Balance, light, mass, emptiness, contradiction, touch, dialogue, tension… are the instruments and ar­guments of his work.

He understands and uses the sculpture as an or­ganizing element of space, facilitating its unders­tanding; the scale, the size, the arrangement, the form,… contribute to creating a complicity between architecture and sculpture.

Graduated in 1993 with a Degree in Architectu­re in the Superior Technical School of Architec­ture, and with extensive experience as an architect in Spain, United Kingdom and Mexico, until his last period as Director of the Projects and Wor­ks Department at the Lamela Studio, it was in 2000 that he began to seriously and exclusively follow his vocation for sculpture.

During these years he has produced an inten­se body of monumental sculptures which are one of the identifying marks of his artistical proposal. Sculptures that integrate into urban spaces or buildings creating a dialogue with the city, architecture and sculpture.

Some of his most notorious interventions are the first prize in the international contest “Sculpture Door Loewe” in 2000, or the exhibition at the IVAM Museum during 2012, which hosted more than 50 of his sculptures in different formats.

In 2013 he was selected to be the first Spanish artist to submit his version of the classic ´Lady Dior` bag in the exhibition ´Lady Dior As Seen By` presented in Hong Kong; shortly afterwards, in 2014 he was chosen to represent Spain in the ´Dual Year – Spain-Japan` in Tokyo and Fukuoka, and it is worth mentioning his recent intervention at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Los Cabos, Baja Ca­lifornia.

He has participated in several fairs and exhibi­tions such as ARCO in Madrid and Lisboa, ART­BO in Bogotá, ART BASEL in Hong Kong, ART MIAMI in Miami among otheres, and installed many artworks in countries such as Spain, Mexi­co, Japan, Dubai, Unitad States, China, and many more…

Currently his work is being represented by Fernández Bra­so Gallery in Madrid.

Most important exhibitions

  • Fine Arts Palace, Santo Domingo, República Dominicana (2024)
  • Modern Art Museum (Artfiaci), Santo Domingo, República Dominicana (2024)
  • Arco 2024, Madrid, España (2024)
  • Francisco Sobrino Museum , Guadalajara, España (2024)
  • Royal Palace Stockholm - Vasa to Bernadotte, Estocolmo, Suecia (2023)
  • Arco 2023, Madrid, España (2023)
  • Museum of Contemporary Art - Christian Dior Designer of Dreams, Tokio, Japón (2023)
  • Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary, Miami, EEUU (2022)
  • Arco 2022, Madrid, España (2022)
  • Matador Club, Madrid, España (2022)
  • Art of the World Gallery, Houston, EEUU (2021)
  • Westbund Museum, Shanghai, China (2021)
  • Mocaup Museum, Shenzhen, China (2021)
  • Arco 2021, Madrid, España (2021)
  • Michael Fuchs Galerie, Berlin, Alemania (2021)
  • Arco Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal (2020)
  • Arco 2020, Madrid, España (2020)
  • Fernández-Braso Gallery, Madrid, España (2019)
  • Beijing Art Biennal, Beijing, China (2019)
  • Arco 2019, Madrid, España (2019)
  • Art Basel, Hong Kong, China (2018)
  • Arco 2018, Madrid. España (2018)
  • Leon Tovar Gallery, Nueva York, EEUU (2017)
  • Arco 2017, Madrid, España (2017)
  • Leon Tovar Gallery, Nueva York, EEUU (2016)
  • Artbo, Bogotá, Colombia (2016)
  • Promoarte, Tokio, Japón (2016)
  • Arco Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal (2016) 
  • Langen Foundation, Neuss, Alemania (2016) 
  • Arco 2016, Madrid, España (2016)
  • Gallery Aurora Vigil-Escalera, Gijón, España (2016)
  • Gallery Semmingsen, Oslo,Noruega (2016)
  • Art Aspen, Aspen, EEUU (2015)
  • Art Marbella, Marbella, España (2015)
  • Dior Gallery , Seúl, Korea (2015)
  • Boutique Dior , Tel Aviv, Israel (2015)
  • Sculpture Show , Miami, EEUU (2014)
  • Sammer Gallery, Miami, EEUU (2014)
  • Art Miami, Miami, EEUU(2014)
  • Ibero-American Sculpture, Tokio, Japón (2014)
  • Art Aspen, Aspen, EEUU (2014)
  • Pie (Sculpture International Park), Madrid, España (2014)
  • MU, Representative Of Spain In The Dual Year Spain - Japan, Grin-Grin Park (Fukuoka), Japón (2013-2014)
  • Biennial Of The South, Panamá (2013)
  • Summer Group Show, Miami, EEUU (2013)
  • Art Madrid '13, Madrid, España (2013)
  • Art Aspen, Aspen, EEUU (2013)
  • Conde Duque, Madrid, España (2012)
  • IV Biennial Contemporary Art ONCE, Madrid, España (2012)
  • Museum IVAM, Valencia, España (2012)
  • Espacio de las Artes, Madrid, España (2011)
  • Feriarte, Madrid, España (2011)
  • Arturo Berned (1+V5)/2, Edificio Leitner, Madrid, España (2011)
  • Art Madrid '11, Madrid, España (2011)
  • Exhibition "Contemporary Sculptors" , Bosque de Acero, Cuenca, España (2010)
  • Ansorena Gallery , Madrid, España (2010)
  • Zielo Mall, Madrid, España (2009)
  • Open Art Fair, Holanda (2009)
  • Gaudí Gallery, Madrid, España (2009)
  • Art Madrid '09, Madrid, España (2009)
  • Flecha '09, Madrid, España (2009)
  • Lamela Studio, Madrid, España (2008)
  • Architects Plastic Work, Fundación Cultural COAM, Madrid, España (2000)
  • Daily Objects, Gallery Vanguardia, Galería Vanguardia, Bilbao, España (1998)

Awards and recognitions

  • Selected by International Contest of Sculpture KAJIMA, Tokio, Japón (2019)
  • Selected by International Contest of Public Sculpture, Murcia (2013)
  • Selected to be the first spanish artist to submit his version of the classic "Lady Dior" bag in the exhibition "Lady Dior as seen by" , Hong Kong, China (2013)
  • First Prize International Contest Monumental Sculpture, Zaragoza (2012)
  • First Prize International Contest Door Sculpture Flagship Loewe, Madrid (2001)
  • Selected in the International Prize of Sculpture Constructions, Oviedo (2007)
  • International Prize of Sculpture of Caja Extremadura, Cáceres (2008)

Public and private collections

  • AZCONA Foundation
  • GMP Collection
  • City Council of Coral Gables
  • Ritz Carlton Collection
  • City Council of Tokyo
  • Mori Museum
  • Mitsui Collection
  • IVAM Collection
  • Christian Dior Collection
  • BMW Collection
  • Gestamp Collection
  • Group Caser Collection
  • City Council of Zaragoza
  • Iberdrola Collection
  • Soller Museum
  • Loewe Foundation
  • Maraya Foundation
  • Ministry of Economy and Finance
  • Unesid Union of Metallurgical Companies